What's New On Demand – July

By: FUNimation Channel

Jul 05 2009

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Before I rattle off a list of titles that are showing up on FUNimation Anime’s VOD, I just want to give a shout-out to Lance, Adam and Rojas for allowing me to contribute to the blog.
For those who don’t have the service yet, the VOD channel was launched this past May on Comcast’s VOD platform.  Currently, there are two VOD channels powered by FUNimation – Free VOD under The Cutting Edge category and PPV VOD under the Movies & Events category. Under the PPV VOD, the price is $.99 per ep and $2.99 per movie. But, we do offer the 1st ep of any new series free of charge as a sneak peek to all viewers. We’re currently working on expanding the services to other cable & satellite operators so continue to demand for the channel every chance you get.
Now, here’s my big reveal for July VOD:
Ta-Da ❗
  • Kaze No Stigma
  • Claymore
  • Buso Renkin
  • Heroic Age
  • Murder Princess
  • Honey and Clover
  • Baccano!



12 comments on “What's New On Demand – July”

  1. That is quite a sweet list. Murder Princess and Baccano are fun watches.

  2. This list is great. I saw a trailer for Claymore. It was epic. Yhe price is good, too. 😀

  3. Cool to see some Viz things on there… Honey and Clover isn’t even coming out till later this fall so Comcast people can take a first peek at it.

    Still hoping that Viz puts Monster out. They said that Hunter x Hunter, Nana, Honey and Clover, Busou Renkin, and some others would all be hitting FUNichan and such this summer… and Monster has been mia from everything since its first announcement…

    I personally have DirecTV anyway, but it’s still cool to see FUNi continuing to spread in all directions.

  4. When can we expect these titles on the actual channel? And when are Nana and Monster going to start airing on the channel? Looking forward to being able to see all those shows on the TV 🙂 .

  5. Kaze no Stigma, Heroic Age and Murder Princess are all well worth the watch. If you don’t own them I highly suggest you get them.

  6. Nice list…. its nice to see the Viz shows show up. But there is one Viz show that you guys need to get on there. Naruto Shippuden. If you guys got that on your Channel then I am sure it will makew you a high profit and it will make the channel more popular and also streaming Naruto dubbed on your new Shodojo site will make it popular.

    I don’t have the channel but whenever it comes on Knology I will be there.

  7. When I noticed you got the VOD I screamed. Can’t wait for more!

  8. I am glad you got in all but could you guys make it free? You could put on ads like g4 and have videos up for free so people don’t only have to watch one episode please and thank you 🙂

  9. I agree with Mario1-7, getting Naruto Shippuden on the Funi Channel would be epic! EPIC!

  10. um…I have a question about honey and clover when I go to the VOD to watch it there’s only “whats new on july” and no honey and clover episodes ? is it just me?

  11. I have Verizon FIOS and I have both Funimation channel and Funimation VOD. But I was only able to find free shows on VOD which already air on main channel. I tried looking up anime in PPV – but couldn’t find any of the free shows listed for July. Are they only for Comcast and Verizon FIOS does not air them? Why the discrimination?
    If Verizon FIOS does air them – where I can find them!?

    BTW. When new shows will start on main Funimation Channel ch 262?

    the Shows for July supposed to be:

    Kaze No Stigma
    Buso Renkin
    Heroic Age
    Murder Princess
    Honey and Clover

  12. Bring ouran back soon : D

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